Letter of Recommendation from School

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Letters of Recommendation from Parents

Dennis is Tennis, because he knows his stuff!

It is not easy to keep the peewee class operating smoothly, with basic emphasis on ball, racquet and movement skills.  Our nearly 6 year old has the attention span of a fish, like most, unless they want something.  It has to be fun.

Dennis has over delivered and all the parents feel they are getting good value.

I believe I am qualified to state this, given that I once played with some of the best in the world, nearly 100 years ago (ha) and too ran clinics for a living.

Much has changed in court equipment and material since then and Dennis brings that knowledge and skill with him into today’s market, along with a very caring, conscientious and creative approach.

Dennis clearly enjoys his time on the court.

Book him while you can!!

Brian McDonald


My son started tennis lessons with Dennis a few months ago and has come a long way in a short period of time. Dennis is always encouraging and supportive to him while he is learning. My son looks forward to every time that Dennis comes to teach him. We really appreciate his approach and how he effectively works with children. We highly recommend Dennis as a tennis teacher.

Sara Whitney


Recommendation from Student

When I set out to find a tennis coach to help me learn the game of tennis, I didn’t realize what a treasure I had found in Dennis’s Tennis. I started my lessons as an average beginner and have moved up to being able to compete at a singles 4.0 level in slightly more than a year of lessons. The most common comment I receive during matches is “I can’t believe that you have only been playing tennis for a year”.

During my twice weekly two hours lessons with the talented tag team of Dennis Stojewa and Mike de Simone, I have the opportunity to work on flexibility, strength training, tennis mechanical skills, match play strategy and overall game mental skills.

I know that I still have a long way to go before I reach my potential but I am confident that with Mike and Dennis’s skills and care, that I will continue to grow, that I will become a better overall tennis player and that I will have tons of fun during the journey!

I highly recommend Dennis’s 2 coach, 2 hour sessions to take your game to the next level.

Matt Lehrer


Letters of Recommendation from Apartment Management

Letter from Santa Fe Ranch Apartment Homes 

I’d like to take a moment to recommend the services of Dennis’ Tennis to any apartment community who may be considering this as a resident service.

Santa Fe Ranch Apartment Homes has employed Dennis’ Tennis for several years now, and two years with myself as property manager. We offer free tennis lessons on Saturday afternoons for our residents. Not only has this been a big hit with our residents, but it has definitely assisted us in efforts at resident retention, as well as leasing.

The service is affordable, and Dennis is a very professional and amicable tennis pro. It has been so successful for us, it’s something we will not go without now or in the future.


Dotty Hart/Property Manager
Santa Fe Ranch Apartment Homes


Letter from Seagate Condominium Rentals

Dennis’ Tennis has been providing a complimentary tennis clinic to our residents at Seagate Condominium Rentals in Carlsbad, since 2001!

The clinic has been quite successful, open to all residents and placed by skill level, beginning and intermediate. All the lessons are game based.

Our residents who have stayed with us & participated regularly in Dennis’ classes have improved their tennis skills and game playing ability.

I recommend Dennis’ Tennis Clinics to any community that is looking for an energetic and fun resident activity.

Robin Duma
Seagate Community Director