Current Tennis Classes

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NOTE: All my classes begin when we have 3 or more students per class.

Match play will be emphasized will all my juniors who have developed a serve. Matches will be played @ Altamira Tennis Club or played at a convenient court. Older Juniors will be playing sets, and younger juniors will play shorter game sets, knowing how to score and be a good sport on line calls!

Ongoing Tennis Classes

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Beginning / Intermediate/ Advanced Juniors Classes, Junior Tournaments, Round Robins, Family Sunday for parents with a beginning junior, Adult Beginning Classes and Senior Classes at Altamira Tennis Club.
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Private lessons for individuals available.

Email Dennis.

Private Lessons for families

An informative hour session for the parents and their children. I want parents to have an effective weekly practice plan. Parents to know basic grips, swings, & footwork so that their child can develop an effective serve, forehand, backhand and volley. Transition balls are used too so that they can rally on a 36′, 60′, & 78′ court. We use age-appropriate racquets. Parents can borrow a racquet. Age appropriate racquets available! Emphasis is on match play and what your child needs to be doing each week. A parent packet of information is provided with skill cards. (5 level’s).

Email Dennis for your day & time.
Fee $100 for 1-1/2 Hours per session. Or 4 sessions for $300.


Semi-Private – $40 each
Family of 4 – 1.5 Hour $100
Group Lessons – 3 or more $30 each 4 or more $25 – 1 Hour
Junior – Monthly rate (4 sessions) – $120
Senior’s (over 65) $20 each with 4 or more
Tennis Tutor Remote Ball Machine – $30 1/2 Hr. $50 1 Hr.

Please pay cash or check.

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Looking for a Tennis Match?
Go to: This is for all levels of players.